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Some scenes from the new Swedish production of Kristina från Duvemåla, – featuring two Finns in the leading roles, Maria Ylipää as Kristina and Birthe Wingren as Ulrika!

The production premieres in Göteborgsoperan on October 25th.

Photos by Mats Bäcker.

LONG TIME NO SEEEE i kinda burned myself out with the exams and haven’t been bothering to do anything ever since i got them over with

(did i mention we’re doing the cOOLEST play at school and we’re gonna perform it at an actual theatre in may? i could talk about it all night long but i don’t want to spoil anyone ahhh)

life’s good.

first matriculation exams tomorrow ∑(゜Д゜;)


Watched the JCS arena tour DVD yesterday with elyanora. Spent 85% of the running time yelling how they did it better in Åbo Svenska Teater.

Sometimes I miss the ÅST production so so so much.

(Original photo from tuomaslampinen's blog.)